ECN Strategic Plan Update

We are pleased to announce the creation of a new 3 year ECN Strategic Plan. This plan includes a renewed focus on the sustainability of our network, the importance of consortium security, and the benefits of collaboration. In addition, it provides a roadmap for the activities we hope to accomplish during this time, including our much anticipated Cyber Security project. Please take a moment and have a look by clicking “here”.

The ECN Strategic Plan only exists thanks to the dedication and determination of the ECN members themselves. “This is a wonderful organization with fantastic track record of effective collaboration for the benefits of its members. We certainly have far greater capacity in this area rather than if we were pursuing issues alone. A shining example of collaboration. I would like to thank those who do the day to day work of driving this organization for their work and wish them well in the future”, says Mount Allison President Robert Campbell, chair of the New Brunswick/Prince Edward Island Educational Computer Network (ECN).