NB/PEI Educational Computer Network delivers outstanding economic impact

The NB/PEI Educational Computer Network (ECN), a consortium in support of all publicly funded universities and colleges in New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island, announced today that it continues to reduce IT costs for members by an annual average of $1.3M over the past five years—a 100% return on investment. Over the last two years, the savings have been even more–$1.5M. Through economies of scale, ECN members pay less for many software applications, connections to commercial internet services, and equipment, than they could independently. 

ECN also continues to be highly successful in attracting investment from the federal and provincial governments–over $600k has been contributed to the development and expansion of the NB and PEI research and education communications networks over the last three years.

“The ECN’s services are very useful to all members of our university community,” said Université de Moncton Acting President and Vice-Chancellor Jacques Paul Couturier. “Their services are an outstanding example of a collaboration and investment model between post-secondary institutions in New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. The efficiencies resulting from the ECN enable our institution to provide expertise and leading-edge information and communications technologies.” 

“The ECN is a smart network in more ways than one. It allows a smaller university like STU to participate in larger procurement efforts and projects, and we can share our knowledge and expertise with our larger peers. ECN has proven to be a successful template for regional collaboration and cooperation with each university contributing. As a result, a smaller university like STU gets access to higher quality solutions for less cost,” said Dawn Russell, President and Vice-Chancellor of St. Thomas University.

“The ECN provides NBCC with access to resources and expertise that might not otherwise be available to a College of our size,” said Marilyn Luscombe, President and CEO of NBCC and Chair of the ECN Board of Directors. “This collaboration means all ECN members pay less for software applications, internet connections and equipment and that all of us have greater capacity in IT than if we were pursuing it on our own.”

About ECN

ECN has provided shared IT services to universities and colleges in New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island for 45 years. ECN is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of the Presidents and Chief Executive Officers of member institutions, and is managed by a Network Committee consisting of the IT directors of the members. ECN operates a highly reliable communications network across New Brunswick, providing dedicated, high-speed, and high-capacity data and communications connectivity to all member campuses and sites, and to the broader research and education network across Canada and around the world. The Information Technology Services (ITS) unit at the University of New Brunswick is the main operator and services provider for ECN shared IT services.

Terry Nikkel