A Virtual Tech Team

It is becoming increasingly difficult to master the complexity and scale of our current networks – and when problems arise, it can be difficult to have all the skills in house to resolve the issues. This was the case recently, when we noticed that the amount of traffic flowing out through our CANARIE link was not nearly what we expected. Unable to figure out the issue ourselves, we reached out to a “Virtual Tech Team” – essentially other techs within the ECN community.

In no time -and with little fuss – both UNB and UPEI reached out to the techs at Holland College, and resolved a traffic flow issue that we would never have figured out on our own. Their experience in that particular area, along with their willingness to help, translated into practical savings and improved user experience at the College. This was only made possible by the longstanding relationships established over the past decades and the trust to share the most confidential infrastructure details with other members of the ECN tech community. Many thanks.


Richard MacDonald

Holland College.