2019 ECN Technical Workshop

The ECN Technical Workshop is an annual conference of IT professionals from all ECN member institutions. UNB Fredericton is pleased to be hosting the Fall 2019 conference on November 7th 2019 in Fredericton, NB at the Crown Plaza hotel.  This workshop focuses on two of ECN’s key strategic priorities: 1) Communication and collaboration Tools and 2) Consortium security.  It will include hands on training that is realistic and practical.  Attendees should be able to leave the training session and either apply the material they have learned immediately or within the near future.  Training will stay within A3 licensing.  The topics will include:

  • Securing O365 and Compliance Tools
  • Managing and Building Solutions in O365
  • Sharing and Collaborating Tools
  • EndPoint

Who is providing the training?

Microsoft and preferred partners will be providing the training.

Who should attend?
Any IT professional within the ECN community wishing to attend.

Why should you attend?

The ECN Technical Workshop offers many valuable experiences, including hands on training.  Most importantly, when participants come to this workshop, they have an opportunity to share experiences and knowledge. The workshop is a great place to share best practices, tips, and lessons learned from your organization with other ECN members. Each attendee has a chance to build relationships that will last throughout their careers.

For more information and to register, please reach out to your institution’s IT Director.